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Conversations Across Time

An innovative music theatre production by composer Brian Irvine and writer John McIlduff, produced by Dumbworld in association with the Solstice Arts Centre, that brought together the different perspectives of children and older people to explore ideas of a life lived and to be lived.

The project began in 2016, with an extended period of organized conversations, which took place all around the county of Meath and involved groups and individuals of young children between 7 and 11 and older people over 75.

The transcripts of these conversations were then used by John & Brian to inspire and create entertaining and thought provoking stories, songs and music which form the basis of the show.

At the heart of the piece is a unique ensemble made up of three of the finest contemporary classical and improvising musicians working in Europe and Ireland on piano and percussion, two significant singers, an Irish actress and a fifty strong ensemble of non-professional performers from Meath including children from Flowerfield National School and adults from the Navan Male Voice Choir.

Composer & Conductor: Brian Irvine

Writer & Director John McIlduff

Set & Costume Designer: Sabine Dargent
Video Designer: Conan McIvor
Narrator: Mary-Lou McCarthy
Soprano: Laura Murphy
Baritone & Cello: Matthew Sharp
Musicians: Ruth McGinley, Alex Petcu & Annalisa Monticelli
Additional Singers: Matthew Mannion, Jacek Wislocki & Mark Tilley
Choirs: Flowerfield National School & Navan Male Voice Choir
Project Manager: Susanna Lagan
Researcher: Brittny Heinrich
Production Manager: Rob Usher
Lighting Designer: Sebastían Pizarro
Sound: Noel Ryan