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A Different Wolf

A Different Wolf is a new dance opera created by multi-award winning Junk Ensemble and innovative music-theatre company Dumbworld (Belfast). What is the wolf at your door? Fear isn’t so difficult to understand. Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. It’s just a different wolf. – Alfred Hitchcock Personal …

One Last Mixtape

A life revealed in an endless sea of hand written plastic boxes, music, hiss, wow, and flutter. Fear and love magnetically embedded on a spool of tiny tape that hurtles along at 1¾ inches per second. Titles felt tipped on the side – Sad, Friday night, Just Dumped, Drinking, Bright New Day.

Things We Throw Away

The operas include a chorus of office workers celebrating the joys of a smoke break, an ironing board singing a sexy serenade to an iron and a couple of gun totting grannies on Zimmer frames planning a hit on an errant husband.