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One Last Mixtape

An unknown man reveals the hidden details of a life as he explores an enormous found collection of cassette tapes. An intimate 60 minute music/theatre work performed by one actor and a small ensemble.

A life revealed in an endless sea of hand written plastic boxes, music, hiss, wow, and flutter. Fear and love magnetically embedded on a spool of tiny tape that hurtles along at 1¾ inches per second. Titles felt tipped on the side – Sad, Friday night, Just Dumped, Drinking, Bright New Day.

26 Feb 2016
Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast, N. Ireland

27 Feb 2016
Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast, N. Ireland

Composer: Brian Irvine

Writer/Director: John McIlduff.

Violin: Darragh Morgan
Cello & Voice: Matthew Sharp
Piano: Ruth McGinley
Percussion: Alex Petcu
Percussion: Andrew Lavery
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Pete Furniss
Actor: Nigel O’Neill

A Dumbworld Production.