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Things We Throw Away

5 short street operas inspired by the streets of Dublin and where performed in over 20 venues around the city.

The operas include a chorus of office workers celebrating the joys of a smoke break, an ironing board singing a sexy serenade to an iron and a couple of gun totting grannies on Zimmer frames planning a hit on an errant husband.




Nominated for the 2015 British Composer Awards.

4 & 5 Jul 2014
Various Venues, Dublin City, Ireland

14 Mar 2015
Various Venues, Belfast City, N. Ireland

10 & 11 Apr 2015
Various Venues, Dublin City, Ireland

Composer: Brian Irvine 

Writer/Director: John McIlduff

Soundtrack: RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Conductor: Fergus Sheil

Costume Design: Clodagh Deegan


Soprano: Sylvia O’Brien
Mezzo: Doreen Curran
Baritone: Gerry Noonan
Puppeteer: Niamh Lawlor

A Dumbworld/Wide Open Music Production.

Things We Throw Away was commissioned as part of the Dublin City Public Art Programme with funding for the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.