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Anything But Bland

A spectacular choral and visual performance for all ages! Despite having no engineering experience she built the Mayfly (‘because it ‘may fly or it may not’). Using a whiskey bottle as a fuel tank and her aunt’s ear trumpet as an engine hose, the Mayfly flew for the first time in Randalstown. On the day …

Rain Falling Up

When Jake breaks his Mum’s favourite vase, he tries to explain to her that it was not entirely his fault. Gravity, he explained to her, was half to blame. His Mum, however, is having none of his excuses and sends him to his room where Jake invents a switch to turn off gravity.


Dad was never much of a talker but boy could he sing. In the evenings he would put on his hat and fill his glass and the songs would start. He would sing of White Christmas’ and Moon Rivers and Black Velvet Bands. He would sing in languages that we had never heard of and …