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Bluebottle tells the story of Nancy, a nine-year old girl whose life is turned upside down when her father stops singing. When her mother explains its because of his fear of swallowing flies Nancy sets off on a mission to rid the town of all flies (as well as a few midges, wasps and bees!) and let her Dad sing again.

Dad was never much of a talker but boy could he sing. In the evenings he would put on his hat and fill his glass and the songs would start. He would sing of White Christmas’ and Moon Rivers and Black Velvet Bands. He would sing in languages that we had never heard of and make my mum blush. ……….Then one day he stopped.

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15 Apr 2015
Ulster Hall, Belfast, N. Ireland

22 Oct 2015
Millennium Forum, Derry, N. Ireland


Composer: Brian Irvine

Librettist/Filmmaker: John McIlduff

Animator: Matthew Robbins

Musical Director: Fergus Sheil

A co-production with Wide Open Opera, Wicklow County Council, RTE National Symphony Orchestra.