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The Dissenter

The Dissenter is a film about love. It maps out a passive aggressive dual between Emma, who needs love but who seeks conflict, and her immature mother Rosie, on the last day of a family holiday at a local caravan park.


EMMA (15) feels that her mother, ROSIE (43), does not love her. Mother and daughter are tied to one another and there is discord. Emma wants and needs love but she no longer believes that she will get it, so she dissents. The Dissenter maps out a passive aggressive dual between a mother who is immature and a daughter who needs love but seeks conflict.

Emma wants to go home. It is the last day of a family break at a local caravan park where Emma has spent most of her evenings baby sitting her younger sister NIAMH (8) whilst Rosie has an affair with the married owner of the park, CASEY MULLIGAN (41). The day is a testing ground for Emma and she pushes herself between Rosie and Casey in order to disrupt a rendezvous that they have arranged. By the end of the film, Emma’s bullish dissent destroys Rosy and Casey’s affair and cauterizes the broken nature of the mother daughter relationship. Emma gets what she wants, and drives home, but Rosie reacts violently and there is no hope in sight for their feud.

Originally shortlisted for the RTÉ/Filmbase Short Film Award 2012.



Belfast Film Festival 2013

Galway Film Fleadh 2013

Writer/Director: Carol Murphy

Producer: John McIlduff

Director of Photography: Angus Mitchell

Editor: Conan McIvor


Ruby Campbell
Maggie Hayes
Nigel O’Neill
Erin Kendrick
Sinead Coary

Funded by NI Screen.

Produced by Dumbworld Productions.

Filmed on location in Northern Ireland.