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Stop These Games

A projected audio-visual work for public space which captures the voices and concerns of youth participants on climate change.

A collaboration with the Art of Music Foundation and White Rhino Films to make a new audio-visual piece, commissioned by the British Council for The Climate Connection.

The impact on climate change, human health, and the environment is severe. Plastic waste meant for recycling has piled up in dumps in Kenyan cities. In spite of the world’s toughest ban on the use, manufacture, and import of plastic bags in 2017, many streets and waterways are still clogged up with single-use plastic bags and other forms of plastic pollution.

Dumbworld went out in Spring 2021 to visit the Young People who are part of The Art of Music Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya; a country that is dealing with the after-effects of an extreme level of pollution from single-use plastic in the environment and in landfill sites.

This work, a co-creation with the young people from Art of Music, seeks to explore climate change and its impact on people and the environment, from a human and social perspective.

“The experience was fantastic. I was able to learn a lot of things about my environment and the atmosphere, climate and also how to nurture my talent. Actually, I have come to know more about the climate change crisis. When we pollute the environment, human beings will be in great problems not only mankind but also plants and other living creatures. I have come to know the benefits of conserving the world environment to both plants, animals and human beings.” – Young Person from The Art of Music

Conceived & written by Jazz Moll & the Ghetto Classics Choir

Performed by the Ghetto Classics Orchestra and Choir

Music Director/Conductor – Brian Mwanika

Director – John McIlduff

Music Consultant – Brian Irvine

Orchestral Arrangers – Raymah Egosi Sifuma & Caspar Jago Simonsen

Vocal Coach – Haron Musundi

Production – White Rhino Films

Editor – Katie Love

Motion Graphics – Peter McNally

Producer – Susanna Lagan

Production Coordinator – Lia Campbell