Whales, Bats & Anarchy Launch

Dumbworld’s journey into co-creation reached exciting new heights as the doors swung open to our three-stranded exhibitions on Thursday, March 7th, at Artcetera Studio.

The Studio buzzed with energy from 6 pm onwards as the public poured in to witness the official launch. John and Brian warmly welcomed everyone, shedding light on the process behind the showcased works. The Hive Cancer Support choir entertained the crowd with their uplifting song ‘Getting the Buzz’.

Among the highlights was the unveiling of ‘A New Songbook’, featuring co-created works:

  • A vinyl crafted by the Forthspring Inter-Community group.
  • Heartfelt songs and projections brought to life by the Hive Cancer Support choir in Derry, the children of the Art of Music Foundation in Nairobi, and the students from Rice College in Ennis.
  • A collection of improvisatory films in collaboration with Tools for Solidarity and talented musicians.

You have the opportunity to explore these exhibitions firsthand until Friday, March 15th, at Artcetera Studio.


Additionally, two other strands of Dumbworld’s ‘Whales, Bats, & Anarchy’, are on display at Ulster University (until the 16th) and The MAC (until June).

At Ulster University, ‘A Children’s Guide to Anarchy’, a series of musical animations co-produced with the Red Note Ensemble and the children of Oakwood Primary School, Glasgow. Meanwhile, at The MAC, ‘A New Topography of Love’, a retro arcade game opera in artistic collaboration with Stephen Maurice Graham (The Washington Post, VICE, MTV).

Please visit [Whales, Bat & Anarchy] for more information.