World Premiere @ City of Derry International Choral Fest

19th of October

“The Singing Stopped”, A New Topography of Love (Part III)

On the 19th of October, Dumbworld premiered a piece written as the third part of a mixed media trilogy that explores aspects of human connectivity, environment, and shared worlds – The Singing Stopped refers to a more fractured construct of existence. One where progression is halted and frustrations are reoccurring and persistent. Stuttering inwardly obsessive acts of trying and trying again dominate throughout; the more normal flow of being is suppressed and replaced by altered, distorted lines, and yet a kind of familiar togetherness, a kind of ritual, a kind of comfort is allowed to emerge. The piece is a response to a world that has engulfed us in recent times. As we emerge things are of course recognisable yet simple ideas seem now more complex and more difficult to execute as a collective like the morphed, duplicated images of a face in a fairground hall of mirrors.

Credits: Music by Brian Irvine, Words by John McIlduff