Let Me Count the Ways – Call for Participation!

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” – William James

Call for Participation

Dumbworld are embarking on an exciting new project at The Lyric Theatre in July 2017 and would love you to join them!

We are looking for 100 people from a broad spectrum of communities, cultures, backgrounds and ages to join us for a radical new music theatre performance, exploring the invisible and sometimes unusual forces that connect us as human beings.

What will be expected from participants?

We are looking for people who are not necessarily performers, but if you are that’s cool too. Participants can be of any age (although young children should be accompanied by an adult) and of any ability. You won’t need to learn any words or songs you just need to be someone who enjoys meeting and exchanging ideas with other people. The performance will be a sort of game where you will be asked at occasions to speak, move around the stage and answer questions. In essence, what we are looking for is for you to be as comfortable as possible and be yourself.

This is your chance to be part of a powerful project, looking at a real-time snap shot of Northern Ireland today.

Participants must be free for rehearsals & performance:

  • 7pm to 10pm, Thursday 20th July
  • 7pm to 10pm, Friday 21st July
  • 2pm to 10pm, Saturday 22nd July

We would also like you to attend a workshop on the evening of 26th June from 7pm to 10pm.

Please contact Clare Hamilton for further information:

[email protected]